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animethief92's journal

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I'm a typical teenager who just finished high school in the class of 2010! I am attending Texas Woman's University next year, and major in their dance program. A lot of my entries will be about college and similar things, so don't be surprised if you decide to friend me.

Dance is probably the biggest thing in my life right now. I attend dance classes four to five nights a week and I have also joined the competition team at my dance school which means rehearsals and regular classes as well. I'm truly hoping to become a dance and pre-med major for college, so I'm hoping that my fifteen years of dancing will help to carry out this dream.

I was very into anime and manga a few years ago, but lately my interests have fallen out of that category. Now I'm more into video games and TV shows (specifically Supernatural) but I still do occasionally put some fanfiction out which will be posted in my other journal which has a link below.

So that's kind of a short summary about me. :]

Really the reason I have this journal is for me to vent, to discuss, and to just express myself without fear of being judged. I do love making friends who have similar interests, and of course I love meeting new people all the time. But if you're looking for a journal that's strictly fanfiction, then I have a writing journal for that athief92stories or you can feel free to visit my Fanfiction.net account Shari Maxwell.


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